The Mastery Group - Professional Services

Services for the Discerning Individual 

Executive Coaching

 Personalized Coaching for "C" Level 
 Executives, Senior Executives, and 
 Key Managers and Supervisors

The Mastery Group has long been one of the
nation's premier Executive Coaching Firms.

Our clients call on us to work with both their
high potential people and to assist those who
need to bridge performance gaps. We
employ a wide range of diagnostic tools and
innovative processes to provide the
individual being coached with the insight and
awareness needed to create a meaningful
Personal Development Plan with measurable
goals and results.

Our focus is on individual Mastery and Excellence.
The Mastery Group is 110% committed and
dedicated to the success of our clients.


 Mastery Coaching

Advanced Level - ICF Certified Coach Specific
Training Program for Executive Coaches,
Aspiring Coaches, Progressive HR Directors /
Managers and OD Directors / Managers

Mastery Coaching was developed to offer
Executive Coaches and individuals who are 
involved with the development of others, an
advanced level of coaching skills. The course
is conducted in four 3-hour workshops.

Mastery Coaching is ideal for coaches who
want to take their practices to the next level
and retain long-term clients through in-depth
personal development.

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  Masterful Leadership Program

 A Leadership Development Program for Building
 High-Performance Executive Teams.  Delivering
 the essential elements of Communication, 
 Change and Relationship Management skills.  

 The Masterful Leadership Program is a must for 
 organizational leadership teams. Focusing on the
 key elements of success, "MLP" economically
 delivers exceptional insights and team working
 skills to ignite executive teams.

 The alternative to multiple independent coaches,
 MLP combines individual executive coaching with
 group facilitation into a single well balanced
 professional leadership development program.

 The Mastery Leadership Council

 Beyond Standard Business Training Programs -
 TMLC is an Advisory Board of Business Leaders. 
 Monthly Roundtable Forums facilitated by Executive
 Coaches and Leadership Development Processes.

 Beyond standard business training programs,
 TMLC tailors its program to the specific needs of
 chief executives, senior managers and business owners.
 These programs enable members to rise above day-to-day
 operational issues and reap the benefits of other leaders'
 seasoned experience, insights and knowledge.
 Our Leadership Council provides an advisory board of
 business leaders who offer support as you tackle
 important business issues.

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 Contact: Stan Goss at 281.773.5633