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The Mastery Group specializes in Executive Coaching for CEO's, Senior Level Executives, Mid-Level Managers and Individuals aspiring to become World-Class Leaders and Executives

Founded in 1991, The Mastery Group is dedicated to excellence and professionalism in the fields of Executive Coaching and Personal Development.

There is no doubt that executive coaching has become mainstream in major domestic companies. Consider the number of coaches on a typical NFL team - nearly every position has a coach dedicated to the specifics of how to perform the position. These coaches review the plays, provide feedback, and jointly develop action plans for improvement. It's not that different in corporate America.

The Mastery Group's coaches are experts in supporting business and non-profit leaders from Entrepreneurs to Corporate Executives and Fortune 500 CEOs to develop their vision, skills, business plans, communications, leadership and more. Our clients include: J.P Morgan Chase Bank, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Children's Hospital, American Tower, Time Warner Cable, ABC Nightline, American General Insurance, University of Texas Medical Branch, Tubescope Vetco, Alvarez and Marsal, Deloitte Touche, Houston Texans Football Team, Houston Symphony, PPL, 3DI, Rosetta Resources, Varco International, St Luke's Hospital, PSEG, Sterling Bank, and ConocoPhillips among others.

Top executives consistently choose The Mastery Group, based on our exceptional record of delivering outstanding results. We help you get very clear on what you want to accomplish and what's holding you back, set clear compelling goals based on these insights, develop strategies and action plans, and help you execute while providing the support and accountability you need to bring out the best in you.

Critical focus areas:
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Change 

Typical Coaching Process - Dynamics:

  • Development of Mastery - What is a "Master", defining Mastery, Characteristics of a Master, The 5 level process of Mastery
  • Integral Grid - Introduction and explanation of the relationship between the interior and exterior realms of consciousness and how they relate to the individual and the collective group environments.
  • Executive/Emotional Intelligence - Competency, stages of learning, emotional maturity, the neuroscience of EQ, four domains of EI.
  • Relationship Skills Development - Establishing the process models of relationship inventory & relationship cycles. Personal competence & social competence, awareness, regulation and motivation.
  • Dialogue, Developmental Feedback & Practice - Facilitating the processes of insightful communication, truth telling, mirroring, listening to understand, "What's at Risk", strategic planning and deliberate practice.
  • Transformational Change - Insight into Transformational Change. Structural versus transitional change, transformational change versus transactional change, self-change, organizational change and leadership change
  • Stages of Learning - Unconscious Incompetent, Conscious Incompetent, Conscious Competence, Unconscious Competence.
  • The Hard Case for the "Soft Skills" - Domains of excellence, Mindset of a Champion, left-side grid performance, interior versus exterior
  • An Introduction to Feelings - Glad, sad, happy, mad, fear & shame. The dance with love and fear. "I" statements. The language of awareness and blind spots.
  • Organizational Change - An effective model for transformational change in organizations. Study of the dynamics of transformational change within an organization.
  • Advanced Change Theory (ACT) - An abstract approach to change and it's components. Defining theoretical and technical reality.

About Our Coaches

  The Mastery Group ensures the highest standard with our executives coaches 

   Stan Goss holds Advanced Certification in the Birkman Method, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis and Emotional
   Competency Assessment tools. He is also in demand as a speaker on the subjects of Leadership, Executive Coaching
   and Emotional Intelligence. He has also participated in the University of Michigan Executive Development
   Program "Change the World", an advanced program on Transformational Change. He has also received a certificate from
   the Integral Institute of Colorado in Integral Leadership

  Terry Krailo is a devoted student of human behavior and leadership. His education includes advanced studies in
  psychology, sociology, emotional aptitude and transformational change. His management education includes
  training at Rice University's Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management. He possesses a unique ability to discern and
  articulate the dynamics of social interaction and human activities in business and group environments.

Executive Coaches

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