Privacy Policy

The Mastery Group - Executive Coaching - Client  Privacy Policy

1. In keeping with TMG Privacy Policy, all coach notes, records or
assessment comments will be made available to the client if requested
during the time of their engagement.

2. TMG  coaches will only provide information to customers (the organization
authorizing and paying for services) and that the client (the individual
being coaches) gives us permission to release. Typical information might
include when coaching services have taken place or the stage of coaching
in which the client is currently engaged. (I.e. Awareness, Analysis, Action
Planning, Achievement).

3. If information about our coaching client or the agreed upon coaching
process is required by their employer, TMG will ask the customer to gain
permission from their employees (our clients) in advance. The customer
should share this need for information with the client prior to the start of
the coaching services. If the client does not agree, TMG may not proceed
with the engagement.

4. At the conclusion of the coaching assignment, all coaches will forward
their hard copy and soft copy client information to the designated TMG
representative. No coach will keep any hard copy or electronic copy of
client information beyond the engagement date. Client contact information
only will be kept for non-marketing professional reasons.

5. At the conclusion of client coaching engagement, TMG or its contractor
representatives will maintain individual client information for a period of no
more than 30 days before purging it from their information systems. After
that time, no information about the client other than name and contact
information should remain except in aggregated form. Un-attributed
demographic information such as the type of coaching and engagement
results will be stored and analyzed for the management of TMG's
coaching business.

6. Clients and customers, alike, must be aware that if TMG is approached to
do follow-on work with a previous client that TMG's privacy policy
precludes our organization or its coaches from keeping past data and
therefore, some additional work