Masterful Leadership Program

A Leadership Development Program for Executive Teams

There has never been a greater need in organizations for leadership.
The question confronting them is "How do we develop more leaders?"

Typically the options for leadership development are:

1. To send people off to a course or seminar 
2. To provide Executive Coaching

Why Masterful Leadership?

• It combines the best of both…group classroom sessions for the entire
     team coupled with individual coaching for each participant
• It is a working Masters program on leadership that has lasting impact on
     both the Executive Team as well as the individual participant leaders
• It is an economical way to implement leadership development. Typically
     only the very large organizations have the financial resources to develop leaders. 
Masterful Leadership makes the same processes available to
  small and mid-size organizations as well.

Masterful Leadership Rationale

In today's rapidly changing world, achieving success is a growing challenge. Focus on short-term results and outcomes is critical for survival and competitiveness. In such a milieu, time becomes an ever important commodity. For many, it seems that there is not enough time for today's demands and life needs, let alone for the future.
Yet everyone is aware that, in work and in life, growth and learning are vital in order to be effective.
The challenge becomes one of focusing on today's performance needs while at the same time allocating time and resources necessary to continue growing into the future.
The bottom line question is "How do we create not only competitive results but also experience the development and growth necessary to achieve durable excellence over time?"
Good managers achieve good results today. Masterful leaders achieve great results that endure over a long period of time.

Masterful Leadership
is a Leadership Development Process designed to equip managers and leaders who are already producing satisfactory results with the developmental tools necessary to build personal and organizational strengths that achieve not only competitive objectives today, but also ensure the ongoing development necessary to meet the changing world as well.

Masterful Leadership is a one-year program that consists of two components:

1. A minimum of four group offsite sessions covering collectively the principles of mastery and leadership
2. Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with the individuals on the team allowing for personal integration of the elements,
     information and processes covered in the group sessions. It is through this process that each individual formulates and implements a
     Personal Development Plan.


Setting Individual and Group Training and Development Goals and Objectives
Linking these goals and objectives to Performance Outcomes and Results
Ongoing reporting and accountability for both individual and group objectives

Elements of Masterful Leadership

Excellence in Performance
Leaders set high standards
Managers see that standards are met
Goal Setting
Development Practices
The importance of Feedback to the Learning Process
Getting and Giving Constructive Feedback
Accountability and Commitment
People Skills and Emotional Intelligence
The "Hard Case" for Soft Skills
Why developing EQ produces better numbers
Trust and fear
Calibrating risk and growth
Integrating Development and Training
Differences between Leadership and Management
Why both are so important
Assessing Individual and Group EQ
The Birkman Report
A tool for understanding how and why we do what we do
Understanding how simple individual differences cause stress and miscommunication
Organizational Culture
Every organization has a culture
Culture can be an asset or liability
Culture can be created
Culture can be measured
Culture can be managed
Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning, Development  and Achievement 


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