Mastery Coaching

The Mastery Coaching Program - An ICF certified advanced level
Executive Coaching course focusing on coach specific training

Developing Mastery in the art of Executive Coaching. The Mastery Coaching course is conducted in four (4) - three hour sessions - totaling a full 12 hours of training. It's designed to advance the skills and expertise of executive coaches through a series of creative interactive processes and innovative approaches to the Core Competencies of the field. The foundation of the program is the pursuit of "Mastery in the Field of Coaching"  The program is delivered in unique group-forum roundtable workshops consisting of 8 to 10 participants. Future plans are to offer real-time virtual groups through Video/Interactive Webinars

Mastery Coaching is conducted by Stan Goss - Executive Coach, Managing Director and founder of The Mastery Group -
assisted by Terry Krailo - Executive Coach and founder of Signature Leadership

Who Should Take The Course?

  • Certified Executive Coaches seeking to advance their practices through a unique opportunity to work with a Master Coach
  • Certified Coaches seeking International Coach Federation (ICF) - CCEU's and individuals that want to pursue excellence in the field of executive coaching
  • Progressive HR Directors and Managers seeking to enhance their value by adding employee support for Leadership Development, Relationship Management & Crisis and Change Management
  • Organizational Development Directors and Managers focused on Transformational Change, Culture Transitioning, Executive Intelligence and Excellence in the Workplace

Participants are introduced to the dynamics of "Mastery", the specific principles of mastery and the enduring pursuit of excellence in executive coaching

What You Will Learn:

  • The basic and expanded roles of the Executive Coach
  • An in-depth review of Ken Wilber's - Integral Grid
  • Emotional and Executive Intelligence and how they apply to executive clients
  • The "Mastery" method of dialogue, feedback and deliberate practice - It's effectiveness and how to apply it in the coaching practice
  • Transformational Change versus Transactional Change and how to coach and facilitate the process of transformational change
  • Container Building and the effectiveness of individual safety in a group environment
  • An introduction and basic instruction in the Birkman Evaluation System
  • Much, much more...

Mastery Coaching delivers the specifics of how to integrate a developmental coaching philosophy into your practice and establish long-term relationship building and the pursuit of excellence at the mastery level

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Contact:   Stan Goss at 281.974.8896

Mastery Coaching is certified by the
International Coach Federation
for 12 Hours of Coach Specific -
Core Competencies
Continuing Coaching Education Units
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