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February 9, 2012
Coaching the World Class Athlete...Is It You?

Coaching the World Class Athlete…Is it You?

Have you ever heard of a world class athlete who doesn’t use a coach?

If you think about it, first of all, “If they’re the best in the world, why would they need a coach?” They’ve obviously achieved a level of mastery in their sport that sets them apart from 99.9% of the universe of contenders! Their skill is such that they can compete and win against virtually any competitor! Yet, they still spend an enormous amount of time with a coach! Frankly, there are examples of those who’ve chosen to go it alone and the results are usually disastrous.

The answer is simple, no matter how accomplished they are, they still can’t see themselves. No one has the ability to watch themselves as they perform. Nor do we have the discerning eye to detect subtle changes to our style and technique which could have a big impact on our performance.

In addition, when it comes to human behavior, we all have the innate ability of being able to rationalize and justify anything we want. We rarely posses the objectivity to view ourselves with a critical eye and see what’s truly there. It’s also no secret that the more accomplished one is, the more difficult it becomes to improve. A novice will improve rapidly and exponentially while in the learning mode. However, athletes at the pinnacle of their sport can expect to improve only in increments of micro percentages.

Therefore, coaches provide a critical function to sports athletes and the role takes on many facets.

In today’s competitive business environment, many top executives have discovered the same benefits by working with an Executive Coach. Primarily, the coach is committed and dedicated to the success of their client. They have a unique relationship that facilitates complete trust through truth. The coach is not teammate, partner, boss, spouse nor any other role that would keep them from being 100% objective and willing to be completely open and truthful with the client. Therefore, the client can trust the coach’s unbiased feedback.

The coach is not in the “game”. Therefore, the coach can see a broader picture of the “playing field”. This perspective becomes an extremely valuable resource for the client to assist them with their vision thereby creating better insights and discernment.

The coach provides “real-time” feedback which allows the client to make adjustments while still engaged in the action. Typical performance feedback processes in a business environment are neither timely nor objective as they are usually conducted annually and more for the purpose of compensation evaluation.

The benefits of coaching go considerably beyond the surface as well. There are a multitude of long-term benefits for the client in the form of personal growth and development which will manifest in a happier more successful life in general.

For those on their way to success...and for those who have already achieved extraordinary success in their careers, coaching has a wealth of benefits to offer.

By Terry Krailo
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